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Swarovski News


A pop icon with millions of fans worldwide, Hello Kitty is set to shimmer again in
the radiance of Swarovski crystal. The Swarovski Fall/Winter 2012/13 rock
inspired collection will make its mark on jewelry, accessories, and decorative

Hello Kitty’s look is updated this season with Crystal studs, leather, and stars setting the
tone for the jewelry collection. The Hello Kitty Gothic inspired theme places emphasis on
the Pointiage® technique, while the “Angel” and “Devil” pendants offer two
interpretations of the iconic figure.

Chic and modern, the Hello Kitty Rock line plays on the contrast of black and white on a
bracelet, a ring, and two pendants - one on a black cord and the other set on a star in
pave crystal. The leather bracelet creates a graphic look with its crystal rivets and Hello
Kitty motif in hand-applied crystals. Square crystals distinctively shine on a black epoxy
bangle. The rock theme continues with a charm, a coin purse and cardholder in black
leather, embellished with Hello Kitty designs, while another cardholder is entirely
covered with Crystal Mesh for incredible sparkle.

The Hello Kitty Hearts line brings humor and imagination to the collection, with heart
shapes and soft shades of pink. In addition to a bag charm, an iPhone case, and
earphones holder, a striking figurine will be available as a Limited Edition for 2012. This
collectible piece in faceted crystal displays a delicate design of pink hearts, and is
adorned with a bow featuring 600 hand-applied crystals.

Holiday themed jewelry brightens the festivities in a Christmas collection including a
necklace, a pendant, a key ring, charms, and the Hello Kitty Santa figurine. Another
ornamental piece is the Hello Kitty Gold Bow, decorated in black with glittering touches
of gold. The striking Hello Kitty Crystal Pendant Satin is a real technical achievement,
made from a single piece of faceted crystal. Its gray tone is both modern and wearable.

Spectacular and enchanting, the Hello Kitty Limited Edition 2012 is the most outstanding
piece of this new collection. Created entirely in Pointiage®, this figurine sparkles
brilliantly thanks to 23,325 hand-applied crystals. Swarovski demonstrates its skill and
expertise with this stunning piece available in a limited edition of just 88 numbered

Once again, Swarovski delivers a striking interpretation of Hello Kitty, uniting creativity,
and the undeniable sparkle of crystal.


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