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Paper Mache?

i can't tell exactly what this is but i think it is paper mache?? ( from pyixiegirl1's flickr stream)
*update with info below*

Hello Kitty Fountain | Tom Sachs | New York City

For real? In the swanky New York City neighborhood of Park Avenue, you will find a 21-foot Hello Kitty statue, two 10-foot tall bronze fountains -- one of Hello Kitty and the other of Miffy, and more -- all designed by renegade artist Tom Sachs.

Tom Sachs is probably smirking right now, he's not one to be shy about provocation. Like the time he substituted Hello Kitty for the baby Jesus in a 1994 Barneys Christmas window. The bronze fountains are featured at the Lever House's public ground-floor exterior space at Gordon Bunshaft's Modernist Park Avenue tower. Tom Sachs' works, including Hello Kitty and friends, was unveiled in May 2008 and will remain in New York until September 6, when it will move to Paris and open there in October.

Sachs describes Hello Kitty as a "pure merchandising icon" with "an almost Buddhist sense of nothingness." With water spilling from their eyes, the fountain figures are weeping into pools of their own tears.

"She's a pure merchandising icon," explains Tom Sachs. "Hello Kitty is universal. The purity makes her a great vehicle for understanding the truth in our lives. They'll be up all summer so the children of New York City can enjoy the fountain [where water pours from kitty's eyes!]." He continues to say Hello Kitty has "an almost Buddhist sense of nothingness."


Handmade Hairspray Felt Mascot

so cute!! made by brilliant moon for princess

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Hanafuda Pre-order!

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Tempura Cups

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Swarovski Limited Edition Watches

Hello Kitty is no stranger to being blinged out by dazzling Swarovski crystals, and this season is no exception. Here are three different versions of limited edition Hello Kitty Swarovski watches:

There are only 533 pieces of Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary limited edition Swarovski watches. Watches are available in the two designs above in select locations throughout Japan. Each watch features a bedazzled Kitty peeking out from underneath a bedazzled spider web. Watches retail for about $400.00.

Citizen also has their own limited edition Hello Kitty 2009 wristwatch adorned with Swarovski crystals and retailing around $600.00. Available in white (silver) or pink, the wristwatches boldly display Hello Kitty’s bedazzled face.

Sanrio Vivitix also have their own limited edition Hello Kitty Swarovski watch. These watches feature a bedazzled profile of Hello Kitty as the watch face. Only available at select Sanrio Vivitix stores.

Vintage Designs


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Tartan Kitty

Sanrio will celebrate Hello Kitty's 35th birthday with British-themed designs

According to the popular Hello Kitty storyline, Hello Kitty lives in London with her twin sister Mimmy, parents, and grandparents. This year Sanrio will pay tribute to Hello Kitty's fictional home with a British inspired tartan design for her birthday line (Tokyo - AFP).

There will be a multitude of items available in this adorable line, including but definitely
not limited to: scarves, purses, stationary, stuffed dolls, etc. Sanrio plans for items to
cost between 315 yen and 18,900 yen, which is approximately $3.00 - $200.00.

Sanrio chose London as Hello Kitty's hometown as British influence was very strong and popular during the time when Hello Kitty first hit the seen in Japan (mid 1970s). During that time period, the Japanese greatly admired the English and British-influenced items were very popular. Hello Kitty goes back to her roots with the tartan line this September. Hello Kitty's birthday is actually November 1, but the line will debut in September.


iPhone Apps

only in Japan (that I know of) - this is why i must get an ipod touch and go to Japan!!
::edit:: i just checked and you can get the apps in the USA!!