Thursday, August 13, 2009


Get ready -- Hello Kitty's about to blow out the candles for her 35th anniversary -- so Sanrio's gone on an especially wild licensing tear. We see all kinds of insane HK gear around these parts, but we are, admittedly, fans of MIMOBOTS adorable storage. Now, there are not a lot of details to go on here, nothing specific, with regards to pricing or capacities -- but the Hello Kitty MIMOBOT flash drives are expected on or about the 1st of November. Similar 'bots (we checked out Darth Vader) run $19.95 for a 1GB model, and up to $49.95 for a 30GB. Meow!! Now, we're not sure -- but we're laying our bets that we can expect other fruit-inspired costumes for our feline friend above... or maybe we're just hoping to see her dressed up as a peach!


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