Saturday, August 28, 2010

MMORPG Officially Released

For the die-hard HKO fans, Sanrio Digital is offering a collectible Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition available at retailers across the U.S. and Canada. Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition comes in an adorable box dabbed in pink and black. The box includes:

  • $15 in Sanrio Cash Points, which can be used to buy premium items in the Item Mall!
  • Choice of one of four exclusive and adorable pets! Pick a loyal friend to accompany you on your adventures!
  • Hello Kitty Online game client on DVD
  • Full-color 82-paged Hello Kitty Online manual!
  • Hello Kitty Online collector’s postcards.

The Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition is available now at retailers across U.S. and Canada for $19.99, and will be coming soon to Europe! Hello Kitty Online game cards will launch at key retailers beginning in a few weeks’ time.

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