Thursday, April 16, 2009

$150,000 Super Hello Kitty Doll

"The Super Hello Kitty Jewel Doll", studded with a 1.027ct diamond on its ribbon, 403-piece pink sapphires on its body, a citrine on its yellow nose, black spinels on its eyes and a total 1,939-piece white topaz on its head on the platinum 900 made body was exhibited in Tokyo this week. Swarovski, Japan's character giant Sanrio and Japanese jewellery maker I.K. unveiled the $150 million (€112,695) Hello Kitty doll, 10.5cm tall and weighing 569g at the Baselworld watch and jewellery show in Switzerland last month to celebrate Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary.


i'm not sure about the price of this - the article is a little confusing. is it $150,000 or $150 million?

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