Sunday, April 19, 2009

Car Mats

available on japanese sanrio site


Anonymous said...

Hello there.

I can't for the life of me find your email address on your web page. So, I'm commenting instead. I live in Hiroshima, Japan. From what I gather, you're a Kitty fanatic. I'm looking to sell some authentic Kitty paraphernalia online. You seem to be the ideal buyer. Everywhere I go, there's Kitty (and Doraemon...) If you're interested, I would love to talk about a few items. I tried ebay, but got no bids.

I noticed you have a regional collection too. If you get me before Golden Week, I can pick up some stuff in Tokyo and Kobe. And maybe Fukushima...

Please email me back eh.



ps - to verify I exist, you can see my lovely mug on

Nathaly said...

q preciosidad, me ha fascinado tu blog, aprovecho de promocionar uno nuevo que he creado

espero lo visites, yo por mi parte seguire pasando por aqui